Partners in Your Safety

What is it?

Partners in Your Safety is a program designed to build a partnership with law enforcement and neighborhoods, promoting problem solving and creating safer neighborhoods.

Partners in Your Safety will empower individual neighborhoods with the resources and tools necessary to succeed in creating a safer community. Participating neighborhoods will have the opportunity to achieve accreditation status upon completion of the program requirements.

The involvement of individuals residing in each neighborhood is vital to the success of this program. As residents become more involved, they will become aware of incidents and issues occurring in their neighborhoods. In turn, they will be able to move in a direction of crime reduction and prevention with the guidance and assistance of the Canton Police Department. For additional information, contact the Community Relations Officer at 734/394-5194.

Why get involved?

√ You will reduce crime. An empty house in a neighborhood where neighbors don't know the owner is a prime target for a burglary. Throughout the country, dramatic decreases in burglary and related offenses are reported by law enforcement agencies in communities with active neighborhood watch programs.

√ You will have a resource to help address neighborhood problems that concern you. Partners in Your Safety serves as a springboard for efforts that address concerns such as crime, personal safety and other quality of life issues.

√ You can learn new skills and get experience using them. You'll learn crime prevention skills, including the ability to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement.

√ Your whole family can get involved. There's a role for everyone with Partners in Your Safety. Young children can pick up litter and take part in safety programs designed just for them. Youth can teach younger children how to stay safe.

Community Expectations

Partners in Your Safety is being offered to the community as a crime prevention partnership. Neighborhoods participating in the "Partners in Your Safety" program, with the support of the Canton Police Department, will be expected to complete three phases of the program consisting of:


Establish Partnership between Police Department & Neighborhood

1. Neighborhood meeting held to explain the program to residents.

2. Goals established for the neighborhood to reach 

Examples of goals include: 

a. Meet and greet two new neighbors a week

b. Acquaint yourself with the neighborhood

c. Monthly activities/meetings


Proactive Involvement by Neighborhoods

1. Future meetings established between residents & police

2. Open communication with residents--developing action plans

3. Encourage residents to cooperate with law enforcement

4. Encourage residents to sign up on informative social media sites

5. Attend crime prevention seminars/presentations

6. Introduce crime mapping website

7. Attend crime prevention presentations put on by law enforcement

8. Take the Not in Our Town pledge


Accreditation for Two-Years

1. Signs at entrances of the neighborhoods

a. Partners in Your Safety sign

b. Sticker decals for windows/doors

c. Awards for participants

d. Ribbons for participants

e. Open communication with residents/law enforcement